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Project Description

A night and a sleep

Amirim sees before it a multicultural and egalitarian Israeli society, Where they live together out of respect and mutual acquaintance that begins even in early childhood. The organization believes that the basis for creating such a society is a real acquaintance – recognizing the uniqueness of each culture, which can be achieved through joint activities.

In Israel there are two official languages – Hebrew and Arabic, which represent two different cultures. Israel’s education system is usually divided into different sectors ,So that the likelihood of a meeting between Jewish and Arab children in early childhood is very limited, if any. There are also violent incidents, manifestations of racism and tension between Jews and Arabs throughout the country.

In light of this reality, and a desire to contribute to improving the social climate, We decided, together with Ophir Publishers, to initiate a new, rewritten version of the stories of “Kolila and Damana – Kleila and Dimna” for children.

The stories are taken from the classic Arabic and Persian literature Are a window into the hearts of young children and are an initial glimpse into a different

The book was published in 2016 in Hebrew and Arabic, To be used as an educational tool to foster rapprochement between the various sectors of Israeli society, School books sellers entered the list of the Ministry of Education and currently serves schools and kindergartens study. Meetings are held on the base and circular dialogue between Jewish and Arab study.

This important project was carried out by the writer and poet Fadel Ali (written in Arabic), Dr. Yoram Sorek (written in Hebrew), Dr. Wael Salalah (production by Amirim Association), and Jihan Sarhan (illustrations).

And the sword was drawn to the rod in the way of the noise, in the spring of the night, when it came out, it was taken away from it, and it was desolate, and it was taken away from the land of the land, and how was the sound, in the light of the light of the light of the light, when he felt that when he spoke with them in a branch, he snorted with a thief, a serpent And how was the sound of the steering wheel, And evry calves were warmed to the side of the crucifixion of the kingdom,How did she know all the life, from the mountain of Giraffe, which is the most important of the Chalcolithic And alfa, Until the time of the sun rises, and there is a weak tree, and the wall of the upper branch is above it, and from then on it is on the tree, as it is we that made it as a wall

(From: The Tortoise and the Monkey, Stories of Incest and Childhood)

The stories of the night and night were written by an Indian philosopher named Biddeva, and later translated into Persian and Arabic, and are considered classics .Thy were written to guide princes and rulers in matters of government and to teach them how to intelligently manage the country and the way of life through moral, social, and political advice The book was written as a complement in which the characters are animals, and stories that show the triumph of justice and morality and values reflect the reader in the way of life. The book was translated into Hebrew for the first time in 1926 by Avraham Elmaliach, and later was published in 1992 by Irit Shilo.

The language of these versions was written in a style that is inaccessible to a contemporary young reader. The new arrangement initiated by the Amirim Association emphasizes the creation of a text in a high but understandable combination and in a fluent style intended for both the child and the reading parent.

The book was translated into Hebrew for the first time in 1926 by Avraham Elmaliach, and later was published in 1992 by Irit Shilo. These versions language written in a poetic style that is not accessible to the contemporary young readers. The new processing initiated by the Association Amirim focus was to create a version combining high but understandable and fluent style for child and parent readers were alike.