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Alongside the existing projects, the Amirim Association continues to initiate and lead new projects in the fields of society and education:

Beit Hussein – a regional center for the advancement of children with special needs and their families

The establishment of Beit Hussein is a social project whose purpose is to assist and support children and young people with disabilities so that they can be full partners in their communities and realize their full potential. The Center will be established in the personal home of the late Husain and will act as a complementary and quality framework for the day-to-day frameworks by providing therapeutic solutions, intervention programs and educational services, and will include various professionals such as special educators, social workers and psychologists. People with special needs.

Language and Culture School

The Amirim Association initiates the establishment of an educational body that will serve as an educational framework for the study of the Arabic language and the Druze culture. The school will work to preserve and expose the Druze heritage among Israeli society in general and among Jewish society in particular in order to strengthen the alliance of life and the Jewish-Druze connection. The school will be built and operated within a Druze village and will offer an authentic learning experience through frontal study, tours and meetings, workshops, etc. In addition, the school will offer research courses in cooperation with universities from Israel and abroad in the field of Orientalism.