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Since its foundation in 1999, Amirim has initiated dozens of educational and social projects. Among the various activities of the organization are the following projects:

Amirim for life

Out of a commitment to make a positive change in the community, Amirim takes part in the war against road accidents. Amirim intiated a road safety project conducted by two students, Daniel Salameh and Rami Hanu, in cooperation with Or Yarok, the Ministry of Education. The students distributed training kits to young drivers, conducted training sessions for parents of young drivers, and lectured on road safety in schools mainly in northern Israel.

Empowering Youth

The Youth Empowerment Project that deals with our position in different frameworks taking under consideration different elements.

The goals of the project is to empower the youth with an emphasis on personal, cultural and gender characteristics, through group meetings that were conducted by experienced instructors. The project was conducted in high schools throughout the country, in cooperation and supervision of the Ministry of Education.  The contents of the program dealt with gender equality, decision making, my role in the family, sexual harassment, domestic violence, high education, early marriage, my body and the beauty industry and its influence on youth of today.

Amirim Academy

Amirim sees in the students as a very important element in Israeli society, these students are expected to bring  change in many areas, and we believe that through guidance and support throughout the course of studies there will create generation of high level, responsible and caring academics. Therefore, the association initiated a scholarship project for students studying in one of the higher education institutions recognized by the Isreali Council for Higher Education, in return for 120 hours of academic mentoring or community projects.

Summer Camps for Children with Special Needs

We intiated summer camp program in cooperation with the Etgarim Association for children with special needs who are unable to participate in regular summer camps for medical and economic reasons. Many volunteers took part in the camp, including students, professional instructors, and young instructors (madatzim).

Personal Trainers Course

In cooperation with Tavuna, the association held a personal trainers course aimed to provide practical and effective tools for every person involved in education and learning – teachers, parents and students. At the end of the course, the graduates received a training certificate.

Contribution to preventing the privatization of mental health services

Amirim association contributed NIS 40,000 to the struggle and prevention of privatization of the mental health service in Israel. This contribution is primarily intended advertise and promote the prevention of privatisation related activities, while Amirim sees contribution to the community as an important value and will continue to support significant social struggles for the common good.

Establishing and operating the Meital project

Amirim Association in cooperation with the local council of Kasra – Samea, established a counseling and treatment center for young families in distress. The center was established to serve families with children in early stages and it is part of a whole community service that provides consultation by professionals.

The goals of the center are to strengthen and improve family communication,  weather in relationship counseling or in parenting, in purchasing and improving coping mechanisms for families in crises (divorce, death, unemployment) and normative challanges (child birth, adolescence). All this is done through individual and family counseling and treatment.

The Elderly Home Project

In order to benefit the elderly residents, the Amirim Association, in cooperation with the local council of Kasra-Samia, initiated the establishment of the elderly home, which is a social framework for the elders of the village.

The morning activity center organizes welfare activities and enrichment for its members and is a social day club for the elderly population.