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The Spring March

The march takes place in the name of Hussein, and includes members of the Golani Brigade, students from the village of Julis and nearby communities, students, members of the youth movements, ordinary citizens and those who cherish the memory of Hussein. The march includes activities of navigation, sightseeing and a sense of nature in the Galilee. In addition, an acquaintance with the village of Julis and a visit to the memorial room in the name of Hussein.


The pre-military academy

Amirim has initiated the establishment of the Arazim Hagalil Preparatory School, a joint pre-military preparatory program that includes an equal mix of Jewish and Druze students. The Mechina is based on two central values - values of excellence and leadership, values of the covenant of life and partnership of fate. The Mechina operates in a semi-annual format within a Druze village, and with the cooperation and mentoring of the elite units in both the field and technological systems, the Mechina operates in cooperation with the Jewish Agency and Beit Yigal Alon.


The Lifetime Sustainability and Coexistence Complex in the name of Lt. Col. Hussein (Amir) Amar

This project began a few years ago with the establishment of Mitzpeh Hussein, a joint initiative of the IDF and the Amirim Association, in cooperation with KKL-JNF and the IDF, it was decided to expand the project and build an entire complex that would include an observatory, a rock park, , Attractive corners and sites of activity and discourse. The complex is located adjacent to Kibbutz Manara, and it overlooks both the Galilee and the birthplace of Hussein and to southern Lebanon, where he was killed when he led his soldiers - soldiers of Golani's 12th Battalion in pursuit of Hizbullah terrorists.


The Land of People

A documentary project aimed at bringing together the various groups living in Israel by providing a forum for diverse and varied narratives in Israeli discourse. The project includes a series of short interviews with people from different communities in Israel who share their story, worldview and life in the country.


Green Leadership

As part of the activities of Amirim for Environmental Protection, a program was established to train youth as green and environmental trustees. The program trains youth to be socially led in all environmental issues - recycling, cleaning planting and more. The youth undergo a number of workshops and lead environmental projects in schools and kindergartens.


Druze Heritage Center

The Amirim Association has initiated the establishment of the Druze Heritage Center in memory of Lt. Col. Hussein (Amir) Amer, who provides a wide range of visitors - soldiers and tourists from Israel and abroad. The center includes a memorial room and the legacy of Hussein's battle, as well as historical training and exhibits on the Druze community, the Druze community in Israel and the Druze communities.


Amirim Science

The aim of the "Amirim Science" project is to expose elementary school students to the real sciences and sciences by providing a wide range of advanced educational solutions based on the three project platforms - a math room, a computer room and a laboratory. Learning to the real professions through the experience of unique educational tools. Part of the project is a mobile laboratory that runs between the elementary schools in the Druze villages from the Golan Heights to Carmel, and enables the students to experience interesting experiments in various fields such as chemistry, physics, electricity and more.


A night and a sleep

The Amirim Association has initiated the production of an up-to-date version of the literary classic "Tales of Kidila and Damana - Kalila and Dimna" for children in Hebrew and Arabic. The stories taken from the classic Arabic and Persian literature form a window into the hearts of young children, enabling an initial glimpse into a different culture and bringing the sectors closer together. The book, which was published last year and entered the list of recognized books of the Ministry of Education, is now used by schools and kindergartens for study, based on meetings and dialogues between Jewish and Arab students. The project is co-sponsored by Ophir Publishers and is accompanied by a volunteer of the intellectuals: the writer and poet Fadel Ali, Dr. Yoram Sorek and Dr. Wael Salalah.