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Our mission

Amirim association leads and initiates various projects, especially in the fields of society and education, and works to create positive change in Israeli society. We in Amirim see the young generation as our future, for all of us, and therefore we always strive to see how we can help the younger generation be better, more educated and more contributing.

The association was established in 1999 in the village of Julis, in order to preserve the legacy of Lt. Col. Hussein (Amir) Amir and promote the values ​​he believed in. Hussein was the first Druze battalion commander in the Golani Brigade. He fell in a battle against a Hizbullah cell in 1996 in southern Lebanon along with three of his fighters.

The various projects led by the organization aim to address various social issues such as integrating people with disabilities into the society, encouraging education and excellence, training young leadership and increasing willingness to serve in the IDF. Layers and segments of Israeli society.

The organization is a non-profit organization whose activities are funded by donations from social activists who believe that the values ​​of mutual giving and mutual assistance among the Druze community should serve as an example for the young generation.

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הצטרפו אלינו להובלת מיזמים ופרוייקטים חברתיים חדשים ולהבטחת המשך פעילותנו לזכרו של סא”ל חוסין (עמיר) עמאר ז”ל.

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