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Lieutenant Colonel Hussein Amir Amer

Lieutenant Colonel Hussein Amir Amer, was born in the village of Julis in the Western Galilee on June 29, 1965. Ben Ashtiak and Ali, brother Salman, Abtada, Fatma, Yosra, Nabil, as a man and Manal. He studied at the elementary school in Julis, and continued in junior high school and at the Achva High School in Yarka, where he graduated with honors in the humanitarian track and received a prize for his excellence from the school principal. Hussein was an intelligent boy who always stood out in his scholastic achievements. In addition to his studies, he was an enthusiastic activist in the Scouts movement and in the ninth grade became the director of the Druze sector in the Druze sector. Among his many activities was a youth counselor in the Gadna youth movement. He worked in the field of education at the community center and at the youth center and was the captain of the youth soccer team, which is later named after him.

סא"ל חוסין עמיר עאמר ז"ל
חוסין עמיר עאמר

When he enlisted in the IDF in November 1983, Husain volunteered to serve as a combat soldier in the Golani Brigade, where he began his service in the First Boker Battalion, and from there he returned to the officers’ course. And became commander of a company and deputy commander of the battalion, who successfully completed a command and control course, and received a certificate of appreciation from the school commander. Upon completion of his studies he returned to the Golani Brigade and served as the Operations Branch Officer.

In his last position, he was appointed commander of the Barak Battalion and was the first Druze battalion commander of an infantry battalion in a regular brigade. He devoted all his energy and time to the cultivation and design of the regiment. This is evidenced by the opinion of his commanders, in which Hussein won high esteem ratings, and was described as an outstanding officer, highly motivated, professional, serious, responsible and dedicated, who led the unit to worthy achievements. A caretaker commander who loves his soldiers and serves as their example. His commander noted his excellent entry into a complicated position as an operations officer, without preparation.

Hussein was engaged and was due to be married in May 1996. Lt. Col. Hussein (Amir) Amer, was killed in a battle in southern Lebanon on March 4, 1996, when he led his soldiers in pursuit of a terrorist squad. He was laid to rest in the military section of the cemetery in his village, leaving behind his parents and seven brothers and sisters.

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The image of Hussein

Hussein is a man of this land, the salt of the earth, a modest and pleasant man. The man was a loving and beloved person who respected every human being, regardless of his origin, color, gender, or age, and believed that man should live with the other side and with him and not with confrontation and hatred.

Hussein – the man of the field and the lover of the country – the man who walked and knew every inch of the feet, who loved nature and the environment.

Hussein, an educator who has always believed in the future and future generations, and despite his busy time, nurtured and contributed whether openly or secretly, and advised young people how to act and insisted that education is the strong foundation of the individual and society to succeed.

Hussein – the commander, the warrior and the brave – spent days and nights guarding his country, which he loved so much. He always cared for and contributed to the needs of his soldiers, from the junior to the most senior.

This is the image of the late Husain – a modest, shy and smiling man, a friend of everyone and the son of everyone who knew how to give a hand and a hand when necessary, and that he knew how to be a roaring lion and lead his warriors in all sectors.