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Amirim Foundation

Amirim was founded in 1999 in the village of Julis in order to commemorate the legacy of the late Colonel Hussein Amir, the commander of the 12th “Barak” battalion of the Golani Brigade, who was killed in fighting Hezbollah terrorists in southern Lebanon on 4.3.1996

  • Coexistence and coexistence in Israel

  • Education and excellence in education

  • Solidarity and contribution to society

  • Love of the land – sustainability and preservation of the environment

The Amirim Association aims to promote equality of opportunity in Israeli society by promoting educational and cultural activities, as well as developing leadership among Druze and Jewish youth in order to create a peaceful, democratic and peaceful society. The organization works for social, cultural and economic change based on the values of giving, caring for the weak, loving the environment and personal and communal responsibility, while encouraging the spirit of entrepreneurship.

The non-profit organization Amirim is a leader and initiator of unique initiatives on issues that other organizations do not deal with, and we are working to strengthen and lead cultural, educational and social initiatives that will bring about positive change in Israeli society.

The association’s work in unique fields creates a unique opportunity that, with the help of good effort and planning, enables the Druze community to work to do good in society through social and educational activities. The company’s activity is based on the personality and spirit of the late Hussein, as well as values ​​of mutual respect and solidarity.

The organization’s activities aim at providing solutions to various social issues such as integrating people with disabilities into the society, encouraging education and excellence, training young leaders, and increasing willingness to serve in the IDF. Harnessing the public to activity and bringing the importance of the activity to the knowledge of the general population.

We believe that the way to create a healthy and egalitarian society is based on the foundations of educational empowerment, while fostering communal initiatives based on values ​​of giving. The organization’s members and volunteers work within the Druze, Arab and Jewish sectors in order to promote values ​​of peace, mutual assistance, advanced education for all and assistance to the weak in Israeli society.

The various activities offered by the organization include thousands of children, teenagers and adults, women and men alike, from all walks of life and sectors of Israeli society. Some serve as an example in their fields, for organizations and local authorities throughout Israel.

The organization’s activities are funded by the contributions of social activists who believe that the values ​​of mutual giving and mutual help among the Druze community should serve as an example for the young generation.

Among the various projects of the association are the Arazim preparatory program – the first and first joint military preparatory program for Druze and Jews, the Amirim science program that promotes science studies in schools, the establishment of the Druze heritage center in Julis village, the spring march to commemorate the late Hussein and more.