About Amirim

Amirim, a non profit organization, in Israel was established in 1999 in the village of Julis in order to commemorate Lieutenant Colonel Amir (Hussein) Amar of blessed memory, who was killed in action on March 4, 1996 while serving as a Regiment Commander in the Golani division.


The partners and volunteers of the Association have worked from the first day of its establishment to promote the values which Lieutenant Colonel Amir (Hussein) Amar - may he rest in peace – believed in:



Bringing the various sectors of Israeli society closer together


Promoting the education system as a means of developing  individuals and communities


Caring for the disadvantaged and helping them advance


Preserving and nurturing the environment, animals, and plant life


We at the Amirim Foundation believe that the creation of a healthy and equal society should be based on developing education while taking care of community initiatives and giving to others.


The Association's partners and volunteers work within the Druze, Jewish, and Arab sectors in order to promote the values of peace, mutual assistance and advanced education for all and helping the underprivileged elements in  Israeli society.


Thousands of children, youth, and adult men and women from all sectors of Israeli society participated in the various activities: Some of the activities serve as models in their specific fields for organizations and local authorities throughout Israel.


The activities of the Association are funded by the donations of social activists who believe that the altruistic values of giving to others and mutual assistance that are embedded in Druze society should serve as an example to the younger generation.