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Project Description

Amirim Science

“Amirim” association sees great importance in educating the younger generations, as they embody our future and we always strive to see how we can help the younger generation to be better, more educated and more contributing

The “Amirim Science” project was carried out after conducting a comprehensive research and ​mapping of needs, in cooperation

with the Ministry of Education and various schools. We reached the conclusion that one of our main investments in education will focus on making ​science related domains more accessible to young students.

This unique project combines three platforms that are needed and affect the nature of our children’s learning and education from the first stage – a

math room, a computer room and a laboratory. The project is run by the school’s teachers, in cooperation with the girls volunteering from the


We believe that the integration of these three platforms within the elementary schools will enable children to have a solid foundation and a

more correct approach to a variety of scientific domains that will affect their learning and their educational world-view from the early stages of

their education.

Math Room

The project focuses on a profession that is traditionally perceived as a “boring and tiring” profession. The project provides an

answer to the way in which mathematics is perceived by children through its accessibility and its transformation into a more interesting variety of

means and methods: from designing the classroom in a unique way with a variety of engineering and mathematical forms to advanced teaching

and learning methods.


Computer room

Computers have become an inseparable part of our lives. “Amirim” sees the need for change and influence on the perception of computers among children and the ​provision of tools and educational abilities – computerized learning. The purpose of the computer room is to emphasize the use of computers as a central, educational tool in acquiring education and teaching computers at the highest level with the most advanced equipment.


The Mobile Science Laboratory

While understanding that one of the most successful learning experiences is learning through acquiring a tangible experience – through the hands and the eyes and the nose and actually through all our senses!

In recent years, with the cooperation of the Ministry of Education and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the “Technion”, the organization has operated a mobile science project – a mobile laboratory that passes through elementary schools in the Druze villages and enables students to observe and perform interesting experiments in fields such as chemistry, physics and electricity. The project, which was successfully concluded, enabled the mobility of a laboratory and a team of teacher-scientists headed by Dr. Val Salalah and the outstanding scholars of the organization. The team went through the various schools and devoted a whole day to experimentation and learning together with the students and the teaching staff.