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Project Description

Arazi Hagalil Preparatory School

 “A leader must himself be the finest example of what he would  like to see in his followers”

  • Homer Sarasohn

The “Amirim” organization works to promote equality of opportunity in the Israeli society by creating educational and cultural activities, as well as developing leadership among Druze and Jewish youth in
order to create a solidary, democratic and peace-loving society.

As a result, the association initiated the establishment of the “Arazi Hagalil” Preparatory School (“Mechina”). This preparatory program is a pre-military preparatory program for Druze and Jewish youth,
in which their integration is in equal proportions. The preparatory program is based on two main values – the value of excellence and
leadership, and the value of the covenant of life
and partnership.
The purpose of the preparatory course is to contribute to an early,
continuous and stable integration between the Druze population and the
Jewish population.
The “Mechina” is intended to change the current situation in which most
of the meetings between the sectors take place
for the first time, which is only during military service.
The new pre-military preparatory program will enable such meetings to occur before the military service, thereby contributing to the integration and sense of partnership between the sectors in the different areas of life, beyond the joint military service.

The preparatory course is six months long and it takes place in the
village of Julis. The course will include various subjects including joint
lessons, language studies (Arabic for Jews, Hebrew for Druze),
discussions on values and Zionist issues and volunteering with people
with special needs in Druze and Jewish communities in the area.

The Mechina operates in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, the
Jewish Agency, the Ministry of Defense and organization “Acharai”, as well as with the cooperation and mentoring of the elite IDF units both in the field array and in the technological array.

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