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Project Description

The Land of People

Since the day it was founded, “Amirim” has been working to promote and
nurture a wide range of fields, especially education and higher education. As part of the association’s activity to promote co-existence, an initiative was taken to create the documentary project called “The Land of People”
The purpose of the project is to bring together the various groups living
in Israel, while providing a platform for expression of various narratives in
the Israeli discourse.

The project, which is currently being filmed, includes a series of brief
interviews with members of the various communities living in Israel,
whose purpose is to share their world-view and the perspective of their
life in Israel. The project involves diverse people from diverse sectors of
the Israeli population, including social activists, artists, intellectuals and
individuals from the academia.

The interviews will be uploaded to a dedicated YouTube channel, and the
series of interviews will be formulated for a documentary film
documenting the diversity of the Israeli society, presenting the unique
history and culture that characterizes the various communities that make
up the Israeli society.