The Lifetime Sustainability and Coexistence Complex in the name of Lt. Col. Hussein (Amir) Amar 2018-08-07T08:35:35+00:00

Project Description

Co-existence complex in memory of Lieutenant Colonel Hoseen (Amir) Amar

The non-profit organization “Amirim” has planned and built the co
existence complex which is located next to Kibutz Manara in southern
On one side, the complex faces the Galil region, the birth place of …,
While on the other side it faces southern Lebanon, where he was killed in
The project was set in motion a few years ago with the establishment of
the Hussen lookout.
observatory” which included the initiative of both the IDF and Amirim
organization. Lately, thanks to the cooperation with “Kakal” and the IDF, a
decision was made to expand the project into building a whole complex
that includes an observatory, a rock park, an amphitheater, dedicated
for walking and bike riding, beautiful relaxing spots and many other
The main goal of the project is to create a unique platform that enables people to connect to one another and create a special connection with nature. The goal will be reached by opening the educational complex which will focus on protecting nature and environmental values. The project is planned to include a one of a kind event complex that enables educational seminars Art & cultural events.
A path of 3.5 kilometers, which is a natural and scenic road connecting Kibbutz Manara to Mitzpeh Hussein. The path will serve as a space for workshops and meetings that are held in order to promote the values we believe in – bringing together the various sectors of the Israeli society and promoting the educational system as a tool for personal and communal empowerment, which both are in addition to preserving and nurturing the environment, flora and fauna.
The path will include activities that such as ֿconversation circles where
people share and listen to one another, meditations, art and creation in
nature and activities that increase self-awareness. The path contains
many beautiful relaxing spots so that people can rest and get
refreshment. Additionally, the trail is consisted of many impressive
zoological and botanical attributes which includes a variety of plants,
flowers and various animals.

We believe that being alone in nature can heal ones’ problems. Our
vision is for people to integrate with nature, to respect it, and to walk in
it’s path.
Our goal is to connect people to their inner feeling of being whole within
themselves. The path is accessible to the entire population, returning us
to simplicity, calmness, and the earth, in order to allow peace and love to
thrive within and around ourselves.

The Hussein observatory is one of the most beautiful and accessible
lookout points in the Naftali Mountains, which commemorates Hussein
who was killed in action in the region. Today, the complex of the
observatory has an amphitheatre in which ceremonies, lectures and
such activities take place. The eastern side of the observatory faces the
Golan Heights and the “Etzba Hagalil” and “Emek Hahula” regions. On
the other side, the observatory overlooks the area of southern Lebanon
and the area of the village “chula”, where Hussein was killed in the
pursuit of Hezbollah terrorists.

We plan to develop the observatory by establishing a rock park as a part of the special connection between the observatory and nature. In addition, solar
energy systems will be installed in the observatory to produce electricity for lighting and for the instructions systems to be installed there.

The organization and establishment of the rock park is planned to take
place through the International Sculpture Festival, which is scheduled to
occur in the coming year. Our organization, in cooperation with the
Ministry of Culture and other bodies, will organize a unique artistic event
in which sculptors and artists from Israel and the world will be hosted.
For about two weeks of workshops which are open for visitors, the artists
will be creating rocks and sculptures from giant blocks of stone, in order
to endure the mission statement of the complex; “the connection
between man and nature”.

During the festival, the sculptors will create a dialogue with the
environment and express it in their work presented at the end of the
The audience which will be exposed to this unique artistic experience will
have the privilege to participate in a dialogue with the various artists and
to take part in their works.