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Project Description

The Spring March

The spring march is an annual march in the memory of Lt. Col.

Hussein (Amir) Amer that is held every May. The march takes place on a ridge between the landscapes that Husain loved in the area of the village of Hula in southern Lebanon where Hussein was killed in the battle.

The march combines the central values of the Amirim association, which is based on the values Hussein himself believed in: these values are a combination of the values of love for the land and country, and the values of friendship and coexistence , as they march shoulder to shoulder – soldiers from various units, along with ordinary citizens of different religions and communities in Israel, who wish to live together in Israel, and to preserve Hussein’s legacy.

In addition, the march emphasizes awareness of the importance of protecting the environment and sustainability, while emphasizing human integration and its impact on the environment. The march also includes a visit to Julis and to Hussein’s Memorial Hall.